Welcome to my blog where I document stories of couples in love, people and children through pictures. I started SS Photography because of my love for capturing and telling life's story through pictures. I am a wedding, lifestyle
and portrait photographer based in Rancho Palos Verdes. I reguarly shoot sessions all over in South Bay area, and I also
travel to Orange County locations and out of towns.

" I didn’t find photography.
Photography found me.
And then it healed me".

~ Stacey ~


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Dream

As usual, this was time for my spring time self portrait session with my friend LR. We went to Art Cultural Center with the views of the ocean in San Pedro where my friend Delora has her pottery business. I fell in love with the location before. LR came today and she also fell in love with it. A perfect location for photography business.

This is the vacant building across from Delora's place of business.

This is Delora's place of business. She was not there but we were allowed to come in. Here, I am dreaming of owning a space like that!

A perfect place to have photo sessions!


LR Tuesday, March 30, 2010  

beautiful ! you did great job ! I had so much fun with you. OFC we will do again soon. xoxo

Mr. Camber Hill Tuesday, March 30, 2010  

Wow your mind is changing and I admire how you rethink what you thought out before. You are a true master of your art. Each week and month you lift up to a new level of focus, and this moves me to wonder....what will she do next?

Photos By Shar Wednesday, March 31, 2010  

I would LOVE to join you guys next time you go! How fun! The lighting in that studio is TO DIE FOR! Gorgeous shots

Stacey Wednesday, March 31, 2010  

Yes Sharon you can join us next time! It will be fun to shoot together.